Atheistische Religionsgesellschaft in Österreich

Gleiche Rechte – kulturelle Partizipation – Sichtbarmachung

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We are a growing group of atheists who try to establish the “Atheistic Religious Society in Austria” as an officially recognized religious denominational community in Austria. According to law we will need at least 300 members with a legal residency in Austria – currently we have already 350. To be on the safer side we will collect a “safety pillow” of some more members before we apply for official recognition. Please feel cordially invited to join us if you meet the criteria of § 4 of the Statutes! :-)

As far as we know, our “Atheistic Religious Society in Austria” is already the largest atheistic organization in Austria.

Your membership is free of charge and supports us effectively!

We respect the confidentiality of your membership (see § 5 paragraph 5 of the Statutes).

Here you can download an English translation of the Statutes designed for the “Atheistic Religious Society in Austria”.

Here you can download the application form for joining (German original), which you may fill in completely and then send it to Alexander Rezner:

Alexander Rezner, Apostelgasse 17/32, 1030 Vienna, Austria